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On Friday, June 3rd, 2016 our beloved flowery tour bus traveled it’s final mile. Six weeks into our North American Spring tour, we found ourselves in the mountains of British Columbia broken down with a catastrophic engine problem.

After the damage was assessed by a diesel mechanic in Kamloops, BC, it was clear that fixing the engine would be extremely cost prohibitive. It would take more money to save her than it would to simply buy and refurbish a whole new bus. So, we began shifting our efforts towards obtaining a temporary new bus, organizing rental vehicles, and removing all gear/personal items and salvaging what we could. We said our final goodbyes and it was tough. A lot of memories came flooding back into our minds, pieces of ourselves were laid there and left behind as we walked away and there were tears.

Before us our bus had been owned by a high school in Oklahoma. It rolled up to Philadelphia to meet us at the Electric Factory ten years with “Altus Bulldogs” plastered on the side of it. Since then we gutted the interior and built it back up from nothing. It became backdrop to our lives as a band, a place where this dream was gonna come true. We wanted to be hands on with this thing, be creative and do things with a different spirit… make it an extension of us.

UPDATE: 11/1/16

Over the past 5 months, this fund has allowed us recoup all of the costs in losing our old bus and even make a little extra to buy a new one and start building it out to become our new home-away-home. But we are still a ways away from completing the living spaces of this new mobile home. So if you’d like to help us complete our bus project you can contribute by donating to our GoFundMe page, or give directly to us with PayPal or Square Cash. Or if you’d like you can also purchase an exclusive t-shirt from our store. Thank you and G-d bless.

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